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1 in 3 young people have experienced bullying in school
or online – But what is bullying exactly?

Bullying is the act of repeated, aggressive behaviour intended to hurt other individuals emotionally, physically, and mentally. In some cases, like cyber bullying, it is not a repeated action. It may occur once, but it is still considered bullying, since it may have tremendously harmful results.

In order to address this phenomenon, KMOP [link] created Live Without Bullying to give the chance to students, parents and teachers to chat about bullying-related problems with trained psychologists, anonymously and free of charge.

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Our counselors are available daily to brainstorm with you and create a personalised plan of action together.


Share your experience with your counselor. Feel free to share the information you want, since whatever is said remains confidential.


You and your counselor are going to try to find solutions that better fit your personality and your own way of reacting.

Become an advocate against bullying!

Here you can see an interactive simulation game for high school students about how adolescents can stand up against bullying and defend themselves and others in an appropriate way.

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