The “Live Without Bullying” project assessed as a good practice in the European context by COFACE Families Europe

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In continuation of the conference realized by KMOP and The Confederation of Family Associations of  Europe (COFACE Families Europe), on the 14- 15th September 2017, the project Live Without Bullying was assessed by an external evaluator and 10 associate European member organizations of COFACE, as a good practice for the prevention and combatting of school and cyber bullying.

More specifically the report that has been produced, among others refers to the following main points:

  • LWBullying is a project that gives a good chance to every person interested to understand better the reasons for the existence of bullying, and to improve our communication with the children who are involved in bullying either they receive it or exercise the bullying behavior
  • LWBullying places children in the heart of the project and offers valuable assistance to the volunteer professional psychologists who give on-line counselling, so as to contribute efficiently to the elimination of bullying incidents in the countryThe variety of services offered by the
  • LWBullying project and the quality of the training of the volunteer psychologists, are evidently the main reasons of its success

Read the whole report: LWB_Peer review