What can you do if you are observers in incidents of intimidation
Bullying in whatever form may cause serious problems for the children involved. They are usually afraid to react either because they believe they can make things worse, or because they simply do not know how to handle such a situation.
If you notice an incident of intimidation:
During the incident
Never think he'll stop himself.
Someone has to take action.
Do not join in the jokes and laughter directed at the person being intimidated.
Intimidation is based on the imbalance of power between the perpetrators, the observers who seem to enjoy it, the observers who do not react at all and the victim alone.
Try to keep your cool.
You may make things worse if you react with voices, insults, threats or personal assault. Violent reactions can be dangerous to student safety at the time of the incident or later.
Encourage other observers to take action.
Encourage them to express their disapproval of what is happening.
Prevent the observers from recording in any way the incident of intimidation.
Notify a teacher to manage the situation.
You don't become a snitch when you help someone in distress.
By showing the children who are intimidating that you disagree with their attitude, you are also giving courage to the child who is intimidating to defend himself.
This gets easier when you create allies - other kids who want to help.


You can become an ally of a child who's being intimidated by learning the right ways to help.

You can break the cycle of bullying by learning how to react for the sake of the child who is intimidated without putting your own safety at risk.

It is up to you to become an ally of the students who need it at school or elsewhere.

If you have difficulty in taking on this role, you can discuss it with the trained advisers on the Live Without Bullying platform, free and anonymous. We'd be happy to help you every step of the way!